23 students graduate from the School of the Blind

At a ceremony conducted on the school’s grounds in Oshodi, Lagos, members of the class of this year at the Federal Nigeria School of the Blind Vocational Training Centre (FNSB-VTC) were awarded their diplomas.

The graduates completed training in Assistive Technology and Information Communication Technology, Braille reading and writing, mobility and orientation, daily living skills, personality development, and vocational programmes in soap making, bead making, tie-dying, and nylon rope crafts.

The curricula offered by the school are not just routes to job or entrepreneurship, but also doors to independence, self-reliance, and a world of opportunities, according to Mrs. Ayopeju Njideaka, Chairman of the Board of Governors at FNSB-VTC.

“Through hands-on training, assistive technologies, and a supportive community, we have striven to nurture not only professional skills but also the resilience and confidence needed to navigate a world that often underestimates the abilities of those without sight,” she said.

Njideaka noted that the commitment of the vocational centre is beyond impacting skills.

“It encompasses the spirit of empowerment. It starts with ensuring that the trainees regain their independence and imbibe a mindset that positions them for success despite challenges associated with visual impairment.

“We are more than an education institution; we are a family.The camaraderie, encouragement and understanding that define our community have been instrumental in the growth abnd success of each graduate.

“Together, we have proven that blindness does not define our capabilities. It’s merely a part of our diverse and resilient identities,” she said.

Also, the Acting Principal of the school, Joseph Oladokun, said the ceremony was a celebration of life and excellence, hard work, and honesty.

“We are proud to have reached this level with dedication and hope. We have hope before, now, and also in the future.

“Today, we are creating a group of individuals, who have not only embraced special education but have transcended barriers to attain knowledge that will undoubtedly shape their destinies. Your journey here has been one of courage, determination and triumph over challenges,” he said.

Adam Adebola, the proprietor of the Adam School in Oshodi, cautioned the graduates not to be self-satisfied or complacent, as they possess immense potential that the world is yet to unlock.