36 graduates from Mountain Top Varsity receive first-class degrees

Out of the 348 students that graduated at the event conducted in Ogun state, 36 graduates from Mountain Top University received first-class degrees.

Additionally, 155 university students held second-class upper degrees, 120 second-class lower degree holders, and 18 third-class degree holders.

Miss Iganya Judith of the economics department was the top graduating student overall, with a cumulative grade point average of 4.94.

Prof. Elijah Ayolabi, the vice chancellor, spoke at the event and described it as a historic moment that demonstrated the university’s dedication and drive for success.

“These numbers of successes adequately reflect the university’s commitment to ensuring that only the best and brightest among the students graduate with the deserving degrees.

“In addition to their degrees, the graduates are well tutored and brought up in a sound moral environment so that they are impeccable ambassadors who would contribute their quota in impacting our society positively.

“We must realise that apart from academic excellence, youths these days should be well-groomed to uphold the virtues of social and moral codes. This is generally lacking in our society. That is why you notice all manner of deviant attitudes among young people. So, the Mountain Top University graduates stand out in many ways,” Ayolabi said.

He stated that Mountain Top University has been advancing the welfare of the Nigerian people and their country since it was founded in 2015 as a faith-based private university.

“Our university has a distinguished record of being one of Nigeria’s leading private institutions of higher learning while its students are rated among the best this nation can boast of.

“The university has remained consistent in its quest towards becoming a world-class research-intensive institution developing along the way a considerable track record for achieving high standards in teaching, research and community service”, the VC added.

He said that a vital ingredient for the successes being recorded by the university was the unwavering focus it places on providing high-quality teaching supported by a safe, serene and beautiful environment.

The university’s chancellor, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, stated that the reason the institution is regarded as one of the top private institutions in Nigeria is that God has encouraged the institution’s goal and given them numerous mercies to pursue it with zeal.