Don’t let teachers oversee your children’s moral training, says Proprietor

Tade Olayinka, the proprietor of a private school in Ilorin, Kwara State, has counselled parents against entrusting teachers with their children’s moral education.

In an interview on Friday, Mr. Olayinka, who provided the advice in Ilorin, stated that in order for teachers to properly raise their students, parents must assist them.

He claims that most parents don’t put enough effort into moral training their kids because they depend too much on teachers to take care of everything for them.

He said, “Parents must be responsible and teach their children moral values rather than relying on school teachers to do everything for them. It is much easier for parents to observe and impact quickly in the lives of their children than teachers. Giving starts at home. Parents share the same roof with their children so it is easy for them to observe strange attitudes in them and make corrections earlier. Stop leaving everything for teachers to do. It must start from you first as a responsible parent.’’

The proprietor also counselled parents to view their kids’ training as essential rather than optional.

Additionally, he urged parents to spend time with their kids and make the expected positive impacts on their lives.