Lagos student dies following alleged flogging by a teacher

At Araromi Ilogbo Secondary School in Oko Afo, Lagos, tension is rising following the death of a student, David Babadipo, who was allegedly flogged by a teacher.

Online videos supposed to be of 16-year-old David being flogged to death on Thursday by teacher Oluwale, depict classmates in anguish.

Students at the school staged protests in response to the Thursday event. After the incident, Babadipo, who had been sick for a few days, was taken to a hospital and later declared dead.

A video that has gone viral on the internet depicts the chaos at the school, with pupils rushing around in circles.

A voice heard in the video claims that Babadipo was flogged when he attempted to leave the school grounds to make a purchase; Bangose Jide, another Facebook user, identified the teacher as Mr Olawale, a vice principal, and said the incident had been reported to the Morogbo Police Station at Badagry Motorway, Lagos State. Babadipo is a native of Ipoti, Ekiti State.

On the other hand, Oluwale is the vice principal of the school and did not flog David, according to other internet voices, such as Facebook user Esther Wusu. David’s illness, according to them, began on Tuesday, and the teacher advised his parents to take him to the hospital.

Mama Sassy D, an online user posted a statement on social media regarding the event, stating that riots had begun and expressing concern for the teacher’s safety.