Group voices concern over increase in the rate of students’ kidnapping

The nation’s rising rate of student kidnappings at all educational levels has been decried by the National Association of Seadogs (NAS). The organisation bemoaned the fact that rising levels of insecurity prevented students from learning in a calm and secure atmosphere.

In a statement that was provided to reporters in Port Harcourt over the weekend, NAS expressed regret over the number of students who have been abducted while attending school or while travelling there. It also mentioned how many schools lack the necessary supplies and equipment to ensure a secure and peaceful learning environment.

The statement, which was signed by Olamide Oni, the Capoon of the NAS Abuja Chapter, revealed that the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Abuja chapter, is currently on a warning strike in response to the UN-proclaimed World International Day of Education. It stated that teachers, who are supposed to teach students, are not properly remunerated.

Speaking further on other factors militating against education in Nigeria, Oni said: “Another area of great concern is the general state of public schools, especially in Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Recently, we conducted a random assessment of the state of public education in the FCT, and what we discovered wasn’t only appalling, it was unbelievable. Many of the schools visited lacked basic amenities like chairs and tables.

“There were no hygienic toilet facilities for students to use, and many of them were seen roaming around the premises when lessons were supposed to be in progress. If schools within the FCT can face such serious problems, one can only wonder what obtains in the rural areas where the government presence is often not felt.”