Gov. Sani offers automatic employment to best graduating student of ABU

First-class ABU graduate, Abu-Hurairah Mahadi, flanked by Governor Uba Sani and Deputy Governor Hadiza Balarabe

The governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani, offered an automatic employment offer to Abu-Hurairah Mahadi, a first-class graduate of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

Nasara James Dabo, a 14-year-old mathematics genius, received an undergraduate scholarship offer from the governor as well for his exceptional talent.

In a statement issued by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Muhammad Lawal-Shehu, the governor said: “Abu-Hurairah Mahadi, a distinguished graduate with a first-class degree from Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, has been acknowledged for his exceptional achievement, joined by Nasara James Dabo, a recognized math genius showcasing extraordinary talent.

“Abu-Hurairah Mahadi, recognised as the top graduate with an outstanding CGPA of 4.95, has received a full scholarship from the Kaduna State Government for his Master’s Degree at any choice of prestigious university worldwide, including Harvard and Cambridge.

“Furthermore, he is guaranteed a position at the governor’s office upon completing his studies.

“Meanwhile, Nasara James Dabo, aspiring to become a Medical Doctor, is a 14-year-old math prodigy with a MENSA IQ score of 150. Recognized for her extraordinary memory mastery, including memorizing 678 binary digits in 8 minutes, has been granted a scholarship to complete her secondary education.

“She is encouraged to pursue her dream of becoming an exceptional Medical Doctor, showcasing the state’s dedication to nurturing and harnessing outstanding talent.

“This prestigious scholarship, a pathway envisioned by deputy governor Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, underscores the state’s dedication to nurturing diverse talents and supporting aspirations,” the Governor said in the statement he issued.

Mr. Sani emphasised the significance of the two exceptional state indigenes’ success as an inspiration for students in Kaduna State and beyond, even as he praised their amazing accomplishments.

He noted that in addition to recognising individual achievements, the governor’s commitment to supporting academic success through these scholarships serves as a guiding light for aspiring students throughout the region.