VC urges students to solve societal problems using knowledge acquired

Students have been urged to apply their newly gained knowledge to solving societal problems by Prof. Reuben Jiya Kolo, Vice Chancellor of Crawford University in Igbesa.

In addition, he exhorted the just admitted students to abstain from vices and actions that can disturb the tranquilly on campus.

Kolo specifically asked post-graduate students to focus their research on offering answers to societal problems, noting that their research should result in novel knowledge contributions.

“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today, let your research provide novel solutions to challenges of humanity,” he said.

Kolo also urged the students to uphold the university’s godly principles and behave well while they were there.

The vice chancellor emphasised the university’s stance on discipline, saying that it does not support violence, laziness, bullying, or any other type of social vice.

He emphasised the importance of hard work and adherence to university regulations, stating that these are the paths that lead to students’ successful academic careers.

He said: “The university rules and regulations you are expected to obey are not burdensome. They are designed to build you as a good citizen, not only of Crawford University, but of Nigeria and the global community. Your compliance with extant rules will pay off handsomely now and in the future.“

Kolo urged the students to utilise the campus’s amenities, which include a calm environment, an excellent library, internet access, and Information and Communication Technology laboratories, among others.