2 students of Kogi Polytechnic die from generator fumes

According to reports, two students at Kogi State Polytechnic in Lokoja passed away after inhaling generator fumes.

This was confirmed over the phone on Thursday night by SP William Ovye Aya, the public relations officer for the Kogi State Police.

Aya revealed that the victims’ names were Ibrahim Haliru and 20-year-old Bilikisu Tijani Eleojo.

Before the victims passed away, he claimed that a generator was next to their window.

The lifeless bodies of the duo were reportedly recovered in the room by neighbours in the early hours of the day.

“There were three students from Kogi Polytechnic inside the room. One Bilikisu Tijani Eleojo, 20 years old, Ibrahim Haliru and Mercy Ojochegbe.

“When they slept inside their room, a generator was switched on close to the window of their apartment.

“They all slept off and inhaled carbon monoxide as a result of the generator set that was on.

“Bilikisu Tijani Eleojo and Ibrahim Haliru were already dead when neighbors discovered the sad incident in the morning, while Mercy Ojochegbe who was still breathing was immediately rushed to the hospital.

“The incident was reported at the B division of the Nigeria Police Force, Lokoja and investigation is ongoing,” he stated.

He admonished residents to always be safety conscious to avert carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes.

He said, “People should be very careful once they are using a generator set in their homes.

“They should give it a distance and also it should not be closer to the window where they are living.

“Some may say because of the fear that people will come and steal the generator, they won’t apply these safety precautions. It is wrong.

“It is when someone is alive that he or she would be able to accomplish things in this world. Safety should always be our watchword.”