Educationist Ezekiel receives an honorary doctorate from an American university

Dr. Ezekiel Arowolo, an educationist, has received an honorary doctorate degree from Prowess University in Delaware, United States.

The ceremony was held at the University of Lagos in Lagos as part of Prowess University’s 10th Leadership Summit, Induction, and Honorary Doctorate Degree Award.

Dr. Arowolo was recognised for his excellent contributions to industry and humanitarian causes. Other outstanding Nigerians who have significantly contributed to the country’s growth in their various sectors received similar honours.

Dr. Arowolo, an educationist with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Management, was also honoured as a fellow of the Ecolerite Institute of Peace Advancement (EIPA) at the ceremony.

Dr. Arowolo, the Chief Executive Officer of Crush Eduplace International, thanked the university’s administration for the outstanding honour.

In addition to his role as an educationist, Dr. Arowolo is a publisher of examination preparatory materials and a seasoned, experienced education manager, counselor, and consultant.

He offers consulting services to notable institutions in Nigeria.Dr. Arowolo’s significant experience in the education sector has helped students and youth achieve their life goals. He promised to continue providing significant support to students and youth in the future.