Al-Hikmah University’s former VC applauds Tinubu’s economic, governance capabilities

Razaq Abubakre and President Tinubu

Razaq Abubakre, former vice-chancellor of Al-Hikmah University, has hailed President Bola Tinubu’s achievements.

Mr Abubakre said in the arena of Nigeria’s administration, Tinubu has orchestrated a hopeful symphony of strategic movements, driving the nation towards potential exceptional progress and resilience.

He stated that the captivating narrative of the president’s transformative leadership has the potential to yield a bountiful harvest of lasting national competitive advantage.

Mr Abubakre said, “President Tinubu champions a democratic ethos, meticulously delineating the powers between the executive, legislature, and judiciary. In spite of the public outcry over legislative extravagance, he upholds the sanctity of each arm of government, fostering self-evaluation and accountability within the legislature.

“This potentially could set the pace for enshrining a culture of good governance anchored on separation of powers and respect for the rule of law,” he said.

Mr Abubakre said that transparent fiscal policies were among the positive attributes of Mr Tinubu’s administration.

“Under President Tinubu’s stewardship, Nigeria witnessed a paradigm shift towards transparency in fiscal affairs. The declaration of proceeds from significant economic policies, such as subsidy withdrawal, curtails corruption and ensures equitable allocation of funds across federal, state, and local levels.

“While there is some temporary pain, there is long-term gain in the offing,” the retired professor said.

Mr Abubakre asserted that humanitarian interventions had been another hallmark of the administration. He said in response to societal hardships, Tinubu has orchestrated targeted interventions, bolstering law enforcement capabilities to combat insecurity.

The former VC explained that the government has been distributing essential provisions through collaborative efforts with state governors and the national assembly to alleviate the distress of the citizens.

He said Mr Tinubu has been unique in rejecting blame games regarding important issues affecting his administration.

“Amidst criticism and finger-pointing, President Tinubu advocates for a paradigm shift, urging stakeholders to hold accountable those obstructing progress due to entrenched corruption.

“By fostering a culture of responsibility and collaboration, he charts a course towards collective prosperity and self-sufficiency,” Mr Abubakre said.

Concerning economic development, he said the president has been positioning Nigeria to attract foreign direct investment strategically.

“President Tinubu’s governance epitomises dexterity and foresight, as evidenced by his adept engagement of glocal stakeholders. By leveraging diplomatic channels and resisting untenable economic controls, he sends a clear and compelling signal that Nigeria is ready for international business.

“For example, this is evidenced by the fact that recently, the Nigerian stock exchange offered 22.90 per cent ROI, making it the bourse with the world’s best return on investment,” Mr Abubakre explained.