UNILESA VC presents model integrated teaching and research farm to institution

The University of Ilesa in Osun State commissioned the Faculty of Law building and auditorium on Wednesday, reaffirming that the university will be a model for other sister institutions to follow in the near future.

Meanwhile, the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Talwo Olufemi Asaolu, gave a model integrated teaching and research farm to the university to provide students with practical training.

During the commissioning of the law building and its auditorium, the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Talwo Olufemi Asaolu, stated that, while the National Universities Commission (NUC) approved the University’s LL.B. Law programme in October 2023, the programme has yet to receive approval from the Council of Legal Education (CLE).

He stated that the commissioned buildings were some abandoned and dilapidated facilities that were renovated, restructured, and outfitted with furniture and other essential materials using funds supplied to the University by the state governor.

According to him, “The Faculty of Law of this University parades the Faculty Main Building, with a fully furnished Office for the Dean, a Conference room, two (2) Lecture Rooms, a Seminar Room and Staff Offices, etc. The Faculty also has four (4) Annex buildings and a Law Auditorium.

“The Annex buildings accommodate the Moot Court, the Judge Chamber, the Law Clinic, Students’ Common Room, Lawyers’ changing room, Law Librarian’s Office, etc. One special and unique feature about the structure, is the Law Library, which we have equipped with Law books, Journals and Law Reports and an e-library section with 75 workstations, subscribed with relevant e-resources. The buildings are also friendly to the physically challenged persons, with provisions for ramps where necessary.

“The LL.B. Law programme is one of our flagship programmes of the University. We have therefore considered It expedient to have the best facilities for the programme, particularly to meet the minimum standards expected by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Council of Legal Education.

“The NUC, in October 2023, granted approval to the University to run 32 programmes for the 2023/2024 academic session, part of which is the LL.B. Law programme. However, the programme could not take off without the approval of the Council of Legal Education (CLE), which we hope the University will obtain very soon.

“The buildings we are commissioning today were some abandoned and dilapidated structures which were renovated, restructured and equipped with furniture and other necessary items through the fund provided to the University by His Excellency, Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, the Executive Governor of Osun State. We must therefore applaud His Excellency for making what we are seeing today a reality.”

Also, the pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the university governing board, Hon. Gbenga Onigbogi said the state Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke has really supported the university.

“However, it should be noted that the government cannot do it all alone. Public Private Partnership is now the way to go. Therefore, individuals, corporate bodies, organizations must be ready to partner with the Government.

“UNILESA needs our support being a young University. Individuals and families can build physical structures (Lecture theaters, Classrooms, Hostels and so forth) and donate to the University. Such buildings may be named after the donors if they so wish. Property and buildings that are no longer in use can be bequeathed to the University instead of being left abandoned and desolate. These are better ways to help humanities.

“The Governing Council, under my leadership, will continue to work hard towards ensuring rapid development of the University. We are just in a hurry to develop and make positive impacts. Management and Staff must join hands together with the Governing Council”, he concluded.

Also speaking at the event, the faculty dean, Professor O. A. Orifowomo said, “today, we have before us a beautiful and amazing Faculty of Law Complex, fitted with state-of-the-art facilities to aid learning, research and development of both the man and the mind, and kitted with amenities making for comfort for all users! Among others, is a well-stocked Library, an enthralling and robust E-Library, technology smart Lecture and Seminar Halls, an audacious Auditorium, an attested world-class Moot Court, well-stocked Common Rooms for both staff and students, befitting staff offices most of which are en-suite, and an imposing Administrative Building.

“We are not in any doubt that the Faculty of Law, in situ, is the product of visionary and purposeful leadership anchored by our sagacious, indefatigable, progressive and dynamic Pro- Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor. They were and continue to be willing to commit all it required to actualize the vision of establishing a First Class Law Faculty that can aspire to becoming a leading light among its peers across the world. We are profoundly grateful and we unreservedly pledge our total and unalloyed commitment to carry this vision forward.

“All is virtually set for the commencement of our enviable Faculty of Law. We continue to eagerly await the prospective Verification of Facilities Visit by the Council of Legal Education (CLE). We anticipate a successful outcome of the exercise yielding approval of our Law programme, allocation of a generous admission quota and permission to enroll students into the programme.”

While donating a model integrated teaching and research farm to the university, the Vice Chancellor noted that he started the farm himself with 4 cows bought at hundred thousand naira each, 4 sheep and 1 ram, adding that the farm would allow students exposed to practical training.

He stated further that the farm currently has a cow ranch, sheep and rams ranch, cat-fish ponds (artificial, earthen and natural), a cane rat farm and a snail farm, which are under construction, noting that the initiative demonstrated the University capacity to mobilize and manage resources effectively.

He said, “At a meeting of the Principal Officers of the University with all the lecturers of the Agricultural Science Education Unit, I tasked the lecturers to come up with a proposal on the establishment of a Teaching and Research Farm in the University.

“The proposal that I subsequently received got me surprised because it was capital intensive and may be difficult to implement so soon. I then took it upon myself to start something on a small scale, starting with 4 cows bought at Hundred Thousand Naira each, 4 sheep and 1 ram.

“The farm also demonstrates our capacity to mobilize and manage resources effectively because the project started on a low scale and gradually developed to the level we have now. The farm currently has a cow ranch, sheep and rams ranch, catfish ponds (artificial, earthen and natural), a cane rat farm and a snail farm, which are under construction. The poultry section, the apiculture section, the feed mill and palm oil processing section will be up and running soon.”

In his speech, the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the University Governing Council, Hon Gbenga Onigbogi, commended the Vice Chancellor for his generosity and passion for the growth and development of the university.

He said, “I commend the Vice Chancellor for his generosity and his passion for the growth and development of the University.

“The importance of this farm cannot be overemphasized. It will help in promoting quality practical training for the students of the Agricultural Science programme. It will also serve as a platform for research and development in the field of agriculture and agribusiness.”

In his own speech, Dr. L. D. Folorunso, Ag. Dean Faculty of Education and Chairman, Committee of Deans on the occasion of the official handing over of the Model Integrated Teaching and Research Farm remarked that, “Prof. Asaolu is not only Fantastic and Fabulous but he is fantabulous, a trait that is not too common to come bye in an average Nigerian.

“The model farm is not just to serve as a springboard for the emergence of a Faculty of Agriculture but a centre to equip individuals with passion for Agriculture for a life long education. At the end of our tour of duty in the University, this will enable us to live quality life long after our retirement.

“Givers do not lack, Prof Taiwo Oluformi Asaolu, posterity will remember your kind unselfish and altruistic gesture and your generation yet unborn will reap in hundred folds your commitment to the unprecedented promoter growth of the university of ilesa.”