Nigeria and Spain collaborate to promote women’s empowerment and leadership skills

Nigeria and the Women for Africa Foundation, a Spanish organisation, will collaborate to promote education, leadership development, and empowerment for women in the country.

Teresa Langley, director-general of the Women for Africa Foundation, stated during a courtesy visit to the director-general of the Maryam Babangida National Centre for Women Development in Abuja that collaboration will enhance Nigerian women’s leadership skills.

Ms Langley went on to say that it would also help women realise their full potential, break down preconceptions about women in Africa, and enhance access to research and documents for development and planning.

Patricia Gomez, first secretary at the Spanish embassy, stated that it “is an honour for Spain to find women for Africa Foundation in our private sector who are really thinking ahead of all the talent that exists in the continent.”

Asabe Vilita-Bashir, MBNCWD director-general, stated that the collaboration will empower women and increase their participation in leadership positions.

Ms Vilita-Bashir told them that the center’s scope includes research and documentation, training, and women’s empowerment, all of which are consistent with the foundation’s core beliefs.

She emphasised the need for greater collaboration with the organisation and others to empower women in terms of economic, leadership, and political abilities.