Cybersafe Foundation educates females on the benefits of technology

The Cybersafe Foundation, a non-governmental organisation located in Lagos, raised awareness of the necessity of inclusive technology and innovation among Wellspring College female students on Monday.

Confidence Staveley, the founder of the Cybersafe Foundation, stated during the event that 90 percent of attractive employment in the next years would be in technology, emphasising the importance of exposing girls to technology and creativity.

March is Women’s History Month, a time to commemorate and honour the contributions of women throughout history; International Women’s Day is observed on March 8.

Ms Staveley stated that educating the girls on the need of gender inclusion was vital to bridge the skills gap and familiarise them with the social implications of technology.

She said it would enhance the creativity, innovation and multifaceted problem solving capacity of the girls.

According to her, girls should challenge themselves to be the best in whatever they do, believe in themselves, find passion and become solution providers.

She said, “As a girl, you are capable of more than you think and more than the world has seen. Stay on a ruthless learning journey and decorate yourself with so much knowledge that your competence and value would be inconceivable.

“Believe in yourself and consistently put in the hard work, leverage the help and resources, internship, bootcamp now available to women.”

According to her, ladies should create portfolios to exhibit their skills and not play it safe, but instead pick a passionate field in technology that matches their interests.

She also advised the girls to effectively utilise social media.