Uba Sani vows to rescue the students kidnapped by bandits in Kaduna

Governor Uba Sani has committed to return all of the pupils kidnapped by robbers on Thursday in Kuriga, Chikun LGA, Kaduna.

The governor made the vow while visiting the community to express his condolences over the disaster.

He did, however, say that the overall number of people kidnapped had not been determined, but the government was working with school administration and the community to determine the exact number.

The governor informed the community members that he had obtained pledges of support from President Bola Tinubu and the National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, to securely return the students home.

He asked community people not to despair, but to cooperate with the government to obtain the children’s release and to strengthen security in the area.

Mr Sani urged the parents of the abducted pupils to be patient, telling them that the government would not let them down.

The governor expressed his regret for the situation and stated that he would not stop working to reconnect primary and secondary school students with their parents.

Lawal Abdullahi, the district head, briefed Mr Sani about the incident at LEA Primary and Secondary School in Kuriga, where a vigilante who confronted the criminals was killed.

“A security committee will be established in Kuriga, with membership drawn from key stakeholders in the Kuriga community, security agencies, and the state government.

“I will make a strong case to the chief of defence staff and chief of army staff for the establishment of a military base in Kuriga to strengthen security in the area,” Mr Sani explained.

The governor, in a statement later, said the Kuriga kidnap reinforced the need for state police.

“The unfortunate Kuriga incident reinforces our positions in support of the establishment of state police. With state police, there will be a standing police force in Kuriga drawn from members of the community who understand the terrain, the people and the issues at play.

“They can gather intelligence with ease. They will also be constitutionally empowered to bear arms, including sophisticated ones. This is important because vigilante groups are not allowed to carry arms.

“They are always at the mercy of these criminal elements who have scant regard for human life,” stated the Kaduna governor.