Group encourages parents, students to embrace STEM education for a technologically advanced world

Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG) has urged on parents, teachers, and students to accept STEM education as a proactive step towards crafting a sustainable future.

WEOG, a non-profit organisation, emphasised the critical significance of STEM disciplines in addressing tomorrow’s global concerns, noting that adoption will foster a generation of innovative minds ready to contribute to a sustainable and technologically advanced world.

Lucy Onoriode Okeke, Lagos Chapter Secretary of the International Forum for Women in Energy, Oil and Gas, said in her message to mark this year’s International Women’s Day at Victoria Island Secondary School in Lagos, that the theme of this year’s celebration represents the true essence of the push for gender equality, which is based on inspiring inclusion, as well as the slogan “Investing in Women, Accelerate Progress.”

She stressed the importance of STEM education for female students, emphasising that it extends beyond school subjects by providing a skill set that influences the way we think and behave, and that STEM education contributes to the world’s ability to solve current difficulties.

Furthermore, Okeke informed the students that the theme is very significant and acts as a call to action, confirming that dedicating resources to their education, desires, and ambitions is not only helpful to individuals but also an investment in the growth of society.

She claimed that they were not passive receivers of progress, but active engines moving it forward.

“I want to specifically address the young women who are considering or are already on the path of STEM careers. In these fields, you have the chance to not only contribute to groundbreaking advancements but also to challenge and redefine the narrative around women in STEM,” she said.

The chapter secretary, however, informed the students that the world needs their unique perspectives, innovative solutions, and their unwavering determination to tackle complex problems.

“Do not let anyone tell you that certain fields are off-limits based on gender. The doors to STEM are wide open for you, and your presence will only enrich these disciplines. As you embark on your educational journey, remember that setbacks are not roadblocks but stepping stones to success. Embrace challenges with resilience, and let every obstacle be an opportunity to learn, grow, and become even more formidable,” she said.

She stated that together, they can shatter prejudices and assumptions since their potential is limitless and the pursuit of their passions knows no gender, and that the world awaits their brilliance, creativity, and persistence.

Okeke, as a result, urged other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and stakeholders to commit to investing in the potential of every girl-child, which will aid in creating an atmosphere in which aspirations are fostered and opportunities abound.