EBHS Old Students’ Association sets up a N1 billion school endowment fund

EBHS-Old-Students at the launching of N1B endowment fund

Ekiti Baptist High School Old Students’ Association (Lagos/Ogun region) has established a N1 billion endowment fund for the school in an effort to improve the standard of their alma mater.

In an effort to bring the school back to its former splendour, the association started an endowment fund campaign.

Mr. Ifeloka Oyebade, President of the EBHS Old Students’ Association, stated during the launch in Lagos that the endowment money was critical to the expansion of the institution.

He said: “After taking control of the secondary school in 1976, we found that the government was no longer able to provide for it adequately. Numerous school facilities, including the dining hall, classrooms, and even the laboratories, are currently in poor condition.

“The goal of the endowment fund is to provide the school with a long-term fix for its issues. To assist the school in returning to its former glory, we can invest with the help of this fund and earn interest. We can construct sturdy, high-quality buildings that will effectively support the school’s employees and students alike.”

Chairman of the planning committee, Dr Biodun Adedipe, said members of the association are concerned over the condition of their alma mater and feel that it is only right that they support the school in maintaining its integrity.

He therefore called on friends, family, and other former students to work with them to ensure the success of the endowment fund.

Speaking on the benefits of endowment fund, Adedipe said: “A lot of us are unaware that endowment funds are the best option. Many universities and businesses overseas use them to maintain the strength of their enterprises.

“With these funds, the school will always be able to support itself without outside assistance.”

Dr. Christine Funke Adebajo, another member, stated that the launch is being held across Nigeria, including in Abuja, Ekiti, and even among people living abroad.

She stated that the association is working on a number of initiatives for the school, including the renovation and equipping of the library and repairs, including those to the school’s laboratory.