McPherson University admits 551 students for 2023/2024 academic session

At its 12th matriculation ceremony, which took place at the University Multipurpose Hall in Seriki Sotayo, Ogun State, McPherson University officially admitted a new class of students for the 2023–2024 academic year.

The acting registrar of the institution, Mr. Olufemi Adebowale, administered the matriculation oath to the matriculants, who were beaming in their radiant gowns.

They promised, among other things, to maintain excellent behaviour and to live in harmony with all other members of the university community.

Prior to this, all matriculating students were admitted multiple times as legitimate students of McPherson University by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Francis Igbasan, acting on behalf of the Senate.

The vice-chancellor charged the matriculants to imbibe the culture, values and virtues of the university, and to take their studies seriously. “Here at McPherson University, academic success is not an accident; you must work for it, and you must be studious to be the best”, Prof Igbasan noted.

He stressed that McPherson University would not condone any acts inimical to its well-being as the university has zero tolerance for sexual immorality, drug use and abuse, examination malpractices and other social vices.

Prof Igbasan further counselled the students to avoid acts that could lead to termination of their studentship abruptly, and be mindful of the kind of company they keep on campus and online saying, evil communication corrupts good manners.

As a faith based University, he admonished the matriculants to participate in every spiritual activity organised by the University Chaplaincy from time to time, noting that they should take their relationship with God very seriously.

While rolling out the number of matriculated students across the six colleges in the university, including the Centre for Continuous Education (Part-Time), the vice-chancellor revealed that a total of 551 students were successfully admitted and matriculated at the ceremony, having met the admission registration processes within the stipulated time.

He appreciated the parents, guardians and other guests in attendance, adding that the matriculated figure was an improvement over last year