FG once again threatens to deal with fake degree holders

Minister of Education, Tahir Mamman

The federal government has once again stated that security services will pursue persons in the country who possess bogus university certificates.

Tahir Mamman, Minister of Education, stated this on Tuesday during the first quarterly citizens and stakeholders interaction in Nigeria’s education sector in Abuja.

He predicted that the presentation of a 13-pillar roadmap would result in a revolution of the education system.

The minister stated that in order to conduct comprehensive sector planning, particularly at the basic level, a trustworthy and authentic database that promotes skill acquisition and development and reduces the number of out-of-school children to a bare minimum is required.

Earlier in January, the minister had said security agents would go after Nigerians with fake certificates from foreign countries already using them to secure opportunities in the country. Mamman had described such individuals as criminals and not victims.

“I have no sympathy for such people. Instead, they are part of the criminal chain that should be arrested,” the minister had said.

The minister had also said the Federal Government would suspend degree certificates from more countries like Uganda, Kenya and the Niger Republic.

“We are not going to stop at just Benin and Togo. We are going to extend the dragnet to countries like Uganda, Kenya, even Niger where such institutions have been set up,” he had said.

An undercover journalist revealed how he obtained a degree from a university in the Benin Republic in less than two months and was then sent for the National Youth Service Corps, or NYSC.

The Federal Government promptly halted accreditation of credentials from the two francophone West African nations and initiated an investigation, which the minister stated should present its report in three months.