Welbeck Electricity addresses power supply gap in Lagos schools by donating solar inverters

Welbeck Electricity Distribution Limited, an independent power producer, stated that it intends to overcome the power supply gap in public schools in Lagos by installing 3.6KVA solar inverters and panels in at least six Lagos schools per year.

The company stated that the project’s commissioning marked phase one of the ‘Light up Lagos School’ project, paving the way for the elimination of information technology setbacks in students as future leaders, demonstrating the company’s commitment to encouraging and improving a conducive learning environment for computer literacy across Lagos State secondary schools.

Afolabi Aiyela, managing director of Welbeck Electricity Distribution Limited, stated at the project’s commissioning in Ojota Senior Secondary School, Lagos, that providing access to consistent electricity in Lagos schools was the company’s most basic corporate social responsibility contribution, and that the company is committed to ensuring that the intervention extends to other schools in Lagos.

“This is a continuous project on a phase-by-phase basis and we are hopeful that within 5 years all the public schools in all the local government areas in Lagos State would be covered,” according to him.

Aiyela added that the 3.6KVA solar inverter and panel was a critical endeavour aimed at giving consistent electricity and illumination in the school, in line with Welbeck Electricity’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

He went on to say that by harnessing solar energy, the project not only ensures access to an uninterrupted power supply but also plays an important part in ensuring that students and teachers learn in a conducive atmosphere, resulting in improved learning outcomes.

He encouraged other independent power producers and distribution companies to join the project, stating that if this is done, all public schools in Lagos will have access to electricity within five years.

Saad Lukman Olumoh, chairman of the House Committee on Appropriation in the Lagos State House of Assembly, praised the company’s dedication to encouraging education and productivity.

Olumoh stated that the installation of solar inverters and panels is critical to improving learning for kids and the school community, and that the project will aid access to steady electricity, promote healthier learning lifestyles and nurture globally competitive students.

He further said that the public-private partnership between the Lagos State Government and Welbeck Electricity is not only commendable but added that projects like this by the private sector will enhance and stimulate economic development.

Anike Adekanye, tutor general and permanent secretary of education district two, stated that the private sector’s ongoing investment in educational infrastructure demonstrates the necessary commitment to ensuring the growth of competent personnel in the state and Nigeria.

Adekanye praised the company for its dedication to educational advancement by providing enabling learning infrastructure.

In his statement at the event, Samuel Adigun, the school’s principal, praised Welbeck Electricity for the generosity, noting that the Solar Inverter and panel will help shape the learning futures of the students who will utilise it for effective learning.