Staff and faculty at Landmark University applaud the board for the 20% salary hike

All of the academics and staff at Landmark University in Omu Aran, Kwara State will receive a 20 percent pay increase, according to the board of regents of the university.

Professor Kolawole O. Ajanaku, the vice chancellor, made the news during the faculty fellowship on Fridays at the institution.

The vice chancellor emphasised the board’s choice by characterising it as an important step in reducing the impact of rising inflation on the US economy.

In addition to expressing their sincere gratitude to the Board of Regents, the VC also acknowledged Pastor Faith Oyedepo and Dr. David O. Oyedepo, the chancellor and pro-chancellor, for spearheading the compassionate decision-making process.

He also praised the university’s board for its sympathetic response to the issue and noted the board’s awareness of the economic difficulties the workforce faces on a worldwide scale.

The VC claims that the pay increase, which will go into effect right away, is expected to have an impact that goes beyond money. It is also expected to boost the dedication and morale of the university’s teachers and staff.

Furthermore, he said, “The gesture is intended to instill a renewed sense of dedication and enthusiasm among the workforce, seamlessly aligning with the institution’s overarching vision of nurturing and equipping a new generation of leaders who will make significant strides and contributions in their respective fields”.