Methodist High School Ibadan Alumni reveal development for the school

IBADAN – To revolutionise teaching and learning at their alma mater, former students of Methodist High School, Ibadan, have unveiled a medium- and long-term development plan.

During their first-ever big reunion and gala night in Ibadan on Saturday, the old students revealed the plan.

Dr. Lekan Abioye, the National President of the Methodist High School Ibadan Old Boys Association (MHSIOBA), stated that the reunion’s goal was to advance their alma mater beyond what was first planned a year ago.

Abioye pointed out that the school’s development plan focused on infrastructure development, which he claimed was essential to providing high-quality education.

He acknowledged that the government isn’t able to help the schools on its own and urged alumni associations to support their individual institutions.

“With our investment, support and care for our alma mater, we are sure that very soon, government will be looking at handing over our school to our association to manage and develop because we love our alma mater with passion.

“We want to bring back standard boarding school and give quality education.”

The MHSIOBA Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Oluyemi Morakinyo, thanked the different class sets for their efforts in drawing attention to the school during his speech.

Morakinyo, who is an engineer, also expressed gratitude to individuals whose inputs had led to the repositioning of the school.

In addition to advising students to be focused and quit chasing shadows, he asked stakeholders to support students in facing their academic challenges.

Speaking as well, Sir Olaseni Adegite, the event chairman, emphasised the support that alumni may provide one another in order to raise the standard of instruction at their alma school.

Adegite, in the person of Mr. K. Dauda, urged the old boys association members to keep supporting the school, especially in light of the announcement of the developmental plan.

The school’s first instructor, Rev. Gabriel Osibowale, stated in his speech that the government ought to make an effort to compensate teachers adequately in order to increase their dedication to and commitment to their work.

Award presentations to people and organisations that had helped the school develop were part of the ceremony.