UI student detained after allegedly raping fellow student

IBADAN – The University of Ibadan’s security staff has apprehended a 200-level student in the Faculty of Law after he is suspected of raping a 100-level colleague on campus.

According to information obtained, the student had been reported to the school officials for committing a crime against a fellow student who was reportedly a first-year student.

The lady had gone out to read at night with a few other girls in order to be ready for their examination.

Due to a power outage, the victim was alleged to have left the lecture hall where she was reading and gone to the Students’ Union building to nap, when the suspect is said to have raped her.

The victim described how she woke up at a touch and tried to scream, but the culprit held her neck down, preventing her from speaking.

She said that luck shone on her when a student walked in and the suspect fled.However, the girl also suffered injuries to her lips from a bite, her private area, and her neck.

The institution’s public relations officer, Mrs. Joke Akinpelu, responded by confirming the occurrence and stating that an investigation had been started.

“Yes. He (the suspect) was with the security unit until late yesterday (Tuesday). I’m not sure he has even been released,” Akinpelu stated.

She said the Dean of Students Affairs had been notified of the act and that he had since taken action.

“After the investigation is finished, the veracity of the allegation will be known,” she continued.