ASUU-BSU threatens to clash with varsity management over unpaid salaries

In order to prevent a crisis in the system, the Academic Staff Union of Academic Staff Union of Universities, Benue State University branch (ASUU-BSU) has asked that the university management immediately pay its members’ salaries that have been withheld.

On December 12, 2023, the institution’s management issued a statement through Registrar Dr. Mfaga Modom announcing their intention to withhold lecturers’ salaries due to the non-publication of the “outstanding results of first and second semesters of 2020/2021 Academic Session.”

However, in response to the direction, the ASUU-BSU cleared its members of any responsibility regarding the delay of the release of the aforementioned results in a counterstatement signed by its Secretary, Terrumun Gajir, and Chairman, Kwaghfam Tarnongo.

In their statement, ASUU-BSU stated that “the results release is a process and not an event.” The process begins with submission of scores as graded by individual lecturers to their respective Departments.

“The Departmental Boards now sit to consider the submitted results, and approved results are forwarded to the Faculties.”

It stated that from the Faculties the results are transmitted to the Senate which meets and approves same.

“And it is, also instructive to note here that the Vice Chancellor is the Chief Examination officer of the University and the Chairman of the University Senate. He oversees the processes outlined above and he is to ensure adherence to the University Academic calendar.

“Members of ASUU-BSU have long submitted the results in question. We are presently marking scripts of examinations written last semester even as we are teaching in the current semester.

“For purposes of giving the benefit of doubt, the Branch will not defend any of its members who has not submitted the 2020/2021 results and welcomes the University Administration to initiate disciplinary measures, as enshrined in our conditions of service, against such persons.

“The Branch wishes to categorically state that several Faculties of the University have considered these results and are awaiting the University Senate, chaired by the Vice Chancellor to take the results.

“The decision by the University Administration to with hold the November salaries of academic staff for not submitting the results is not in consonance with the laid down guidelines of the conditions of service of the University. In this regard the action is illegal and the principal officers of the University who are the custodians of the university laws should have known this.

“It is the sincere opinion of ASUU-BSU that this illegality perpetrated against the academic staff of this university is draconian and in very bad faith.

“ASUU-BSU issues this statement to put the records straight in the face of this acute provocation. And we shall be guided by a deep sense of responsibility in how we react to this unprovoked attack going forward.”