NUC authorises medicine, anatomy, physiology, other programs at Veritas University

The National University Commission has given Veritas University in Abuja permission to start its studies in anatomy, physiology, and medicine and surgery.

Professor Hyacinth Ichoku, the university’s vice-chancellor, revealed this information on Thursday. He stated that despite the difficult economic climate facing the nation, the university has continued to achieve enormous strides.

Prof. Ichoku stated in a letter sent to parents and students over the Christmas and New Year break that the university will keep building on its successes to reach its goal of being one of the best in the nation. “Yet in all these, we don’t forget to count our blessings” he noted.

He mentioned that the institution has also made major advancements in its facilities and infrastructure, which has allowed the National institution Commission to approve the start of its medicine and surgery, anatomy, and physiology programmes.

Postgraduate programmes including M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship, PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D. in Computer Science, Ph.D. in Educational Management, Ph.D. in Guidance and Counselling, Ph.D. in Management, and Ph.D. in Public Administration have been approved by the NUC.

The institution now boasts of over 5000 students housed within the campus, up from a very low population of 1200 in 2018, with the Vice Chancellor calling the growth “a big leap.”

In his letter, the VC said that Veritas University has partnered with well-known international organisations and businesses like the African Development Bank, the Swedish Embassy, Huawei, and Cisco to provide students with digital skills because of its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and human capital development.

He clarified that these are in addition to the university’s basic Entrepreneurship curriculum, which is required of all students.He mentioned that the courses covered weaving, confectionery making, and fashion design.

“The idea is that students that graduate from Veritas University should be ready to start their own businesses on graduation. Parents should constantly ask their students which skills they have acquired as they prepare for life outside school,” the VC said.

Speaking about another achievement made by the university, the Vice Chancellor announced that Veritas University will represent Africa in the World Universities Debating Championship, which will take place in New York in April 2024, after putting on a strong show in the Pan-African Debating Championship.

“Preparations are already in top gear for another excellent outing by our students in the global championship. These outstanding performances reflect the depth of intellectual formation our students are receiving at all levels,” he said.

Fr. Ichoku bemoaned the dire economic conditions that are wreaking havoc on Nigerian families and institutions as he concluded the 2023 Christmas message.

“We realise that many families are not meeting up, and indeed many have been left behind. Many do not even know that it is Christmas!

“We pray that the Almighty God who has enabled us to survive 2023 will create a better 2024 for us,” he added.