Beauty queen, Tiana Michael launches an educational project in the Southeast

Tiana Grace Michael, the South East sixth Queen Beauty Pageant winner has started an initiative to improve education for kids in the region.

The “Back to School” campaign, her most recent project, aims to enhance the learning environment.She stated that a prosperous society is built on education.

She said: “My goal with the ‘Back to School’ drive is to ignite a spark of curiosity in these youngsters and provide them the confidence and motivation to achieve their goals.

“The initiative’s central focus is steadfast dedication to supporting the younger generation’s educational endeavours.

“The ‘Back to School’ effort is carefully planned to provide students with necessary writing supplies and to encourage meaningful dialogues that will encourage and empower them as they pursue their education. “

Her persistent determination to provide every child the fundamental resources needed for academic success highlights her unwavering commitment to societal change.

This endeavour is more than just a straightforward supply distribution; it is a demonstration of encouragement, support, and hope for a brighter future.

The excitement and hope in the Southeast rise to new heights as the current queen, Queen Tiana Grace Michael, gets ready to embark on her journey that will change her life.