UNIPORT student declared missing, family cries out for help

Emeka Ndinwa

Emeka Ndinwa, a final-year student in the University of Port Harcourt’s Department of Theatre Arts, has been reported missing in Delta State by his family.

On November 28, 2023, the 24-year-old, who resides in Port Harcourt with his younger brother, left the house; his whereabouts have remained a mystery ever since.

His phone was monitored, and his family claims that prior to his disappearance, he was in the Delta region.

Since then, attempts by Emeka’s friends and relatives to locate him have failed.

His older sister, Maryanne said that his family was still shocked and in disbelief that a fully adult man could go missing for 30 days.

On the day he went missing, Emeka called his family and requested N30,000, which was delivered to him through a Point of Sale agency.

Maryanne added that they were suspicious when they were unable to get through to him on the phone.

She said, “The last we heard from him was on November 28, 2023. He called asking that the sum of N30,000 be sent to a particular POS account, which we did. He asked for details of the transaction and we sent it. And after that, nothing was heard of him again.

“We only got suspicious when we started calling and he wasn’t taking his calls. The phone would just ring out and it eventually went off on December 5, 2023.”

Maryanne also stated that Emeka’s younger brother whom he lived with in Port Harcourt and a family friend went to his department to look for him, but no one admitted to having seen him. She added that his examination was to begin on December 4, but they also got the report that he did not show up for his papers.

“My younger brother and a family friend went to the school and asked around, and reported to his department, but there is yet no news about his whereabouts, no one seems to have seen him, and we don’t seem to know any of his friends,” she added.

“He was supposed to begin his examination on December 4, but no one saw him. We were told that he didn’t show up for it, which is worrisome.

“He’s my younger brother and I am worried about him. My family is still in shock and disbelief. We don’t understand how a full-grown human will just disappear like that.

“Yes, we reported to the police. We reported to the Area Command in Sapele, Delta State, and a police station in Port Harcourt.

“When his phone was tracked, the location was Delta State, It’s all so confusing,” she lamented.

When contacted, the Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, Bright Edafe, said he was aware of the case.

“Yes, I am aware of the case. The sister of the missing person reached out to me.

“They have reported to the area command. However, for cases like that, they are supposed to go to the division where a signal will be generated. I have advised them to come to the headquarters in Asaba so that the anti-kidnapping unit can handle the matter officially,” he added.