Bauchi lawmaker launches the first scholarship programme for tertiary students

The first Toro scholarship scheme for students attending local tertiary institutions has been launched by Hon. Ismail Haruna Dabo, the member of the House of Representatives who represents the Toro Federal Constituency in Bauchi State.

The sciences, arts, engineering, technology, and mathematics are all covered under the scholarship programme, which is the first in the local government’s history.

For the benefit of the entire local government, the plan aims to lessen the burden on the students and give them the support they need to achieve their goals. Early in 2024, the programme will begin in order to accommodate the upcoming school year.

Students in Federal Universities and State Universities are invited to apply for the scholarship opportunities with details of the 2 categories of Scholarship by Major and Scholarship for women.

Scholarship by Major will be awarded based on the following courses: Science, Technology, Engineering, and ⁠Mathematics. Scholarship for women is designated for women only.

The goal is to increase the number of women enrolled in tertiary education. The courses are: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business/Entrepreneurship, and Arts.

The application is to be directed to The Senior Adviser on Education, Office of the Member Representing Toro Federal Constituency, Bauchi. Applicants are required to attach their applications with the Admission Letter, Last Semester Result, and Indigene Certificate.

As a result, the federal legislator encouraged any interested parties in the area to send their application letters as soon as possible to

An excited resident of the area in reaction, said, “I’m overjoyed to come across this piece today! The Haske Scholarship program. What we have been dreaming and waiting for since.”

He prayed in Hausa, “Ya Allah ka’albarkaci wannan shiri kasa ya dore, shikikuma Hon Ismail Haruna Dabo Allah yabashi ikon taimaka wa”, in English, it translates, “Oh Allah, bless this programme, let it be established, as for Hon Isma’il Haruna Dabo, may Allah grant him the grace to help his people.”