UNILESA VC pushes for better welfare and compensation of healthcare workers

Professor Taiwo Asaolu, the vice chancellor of the University of Ilesa (UNILESA), has pushed for improved benefits and compensation for healthcare workers.

Asaolu also rejected the notion that medical graduates ought to be required to work in the nation for a certain amount of years following graduation prior to being allowed to move overseas.

Speaking on the occasion of the university’s inauguration of a nursing student hostel, the UNILESA VC recommended the federal government to address the economy and increase the appeal of employment in the nation to school dropouts.

“If we had increased the cost of training for these medical students, some of them would still have paid.

“So, it is convenient for the government to pay, and that is why they are paying. I am not into bonding them (placing medical students in training on bond to prevent them from leaving immediately after completing training).

“Most of them would not have left the country if the labour market was right. If they are paid the right wages, they won’t leave. If the cost of living is okay, they will not leave. We just have to get it right.

“It is normal for someone to gravitate towards where his lots would be better. The government should make the economy okay and provide basic amenities