Fake professorial list: Redeemer’s University denies employment of fake professors

Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun state, has refuted reports that it employed some of the fraudulent professors mentioned in a widely shared social media post.

The social media post, which originated from a broadcast medium, had a list of 100 names of fake professors from Nigerian colleges.

The broadcast medium earlier named the National Universities Commission (NUC) as its source.

Redeemer’s University was reportedly home to a few of the phoney professors on the list.

In Osogbo on Saturday, Mr. Adetunji Adeleye, Deputy Director of the university’s Corporate Affairs Directorate, declared that the organisation had rejected, denounced, and distanced itself from the “abominable publication.”

Adeleye stated that the persons whose names were listed as fake professors in Redeemer’s University had never worked in the university at any point in time or in any capacity whatsoever.

“We hereby inform the general public that those ‘professors’ are not known to us and anyone who deals with them as individuals or group, does so at his or her own risk.

“We also urge the general public to be wary of fake news and always cross-check facts at the NUC, the regulatory body that oversees universities in Nigeria,’’ he stated.

According to Adeleye, the NUC’s Academic Directorate’s Deputy Executive Secretary, Dr. Noel Saliu, stated that such information should be regarded as malicious and could not have come from the NUC.

Saliu had previously stated that the release was the product of nefarious individuals seeking to damage the esteemed reputations of the universities involved and to compromise the efforts of the NUC.

He emphasised that the publication was false and that the NUC could not have released it without first consulting the accredited universities.