A commercial bus driver in Osun loses control, crushes 4 students to death

Five persons were killed in a horrific accident that happened on Tuesday morning along the Lameco-Stadium route. Among the victims were four children from Fakunle Unity School. The disastrous event occurred during a commercial bus collision.

Witnesses claimed that the speeding bus, which had the registration number Abuja RBC 15 ZN, veered out of its lane and collided with the students’ tricycle. The tricycle’s occupants were rendered instantly dead and unrecognisable in the collision.

An eyewitness said: “The commercial bus with registration number Abuja RBC 15 ZN was on top speed coming from Stadium but suddenly left its lane and jumped over the road median and rammed into the tricycle conveying the four students of Fakunle Unity School.

“The accident also affected a motorcyclist who was coming behind the tricycle with other vehicles plying the road in front of WOCDIF event centre. The accident was terrible, five occupants of the tricycle died instantly because they were crushed beyond recognition. I think the driver of the bus slept off on the wheel.”

Another source, who is a security officer, confirmed that “five people were killed while several others sustained serious degrees of injuries during the accident. The driver of the bus too was seriously injured and has been taken to hospital. We have towed the affected vehicles to our station.”

Meanwhile, Osun State Federal Road Safety Commission Sector Commandant Henry Benamaisai confirmed the tragedy, stating, “We are currently at the hospital attending to the injured. We will release the full details of the accident as soon as possible.”