CYPF urges FG to incorporate peace education in school curriculum

The federal government was urged on Tuesday by the Child and Youth Protection Foundation (CYPF) to incorporate peace education into the country’s curricula.

The call was made by Kolawole Olatosimi, the national coordinator of CYPF, during an interview in Abuja ahead of the International Day of Education on January 24.

According to Mr. Olatosimi, there has never been a more crucial time for the mission to use education to promote peace and development.

In addition, he said, it was critical that all stakeholders involved seek to establish a setting in which Nigerian children at all educational levels could receive peace education.

“Furthermore, it is important to promote a curriculum that emphasises not only academic learning, but also the development of empathy, critical thinking, and other important skills for peaceful coexistence.

”To truly create a lasting peace, we must not only invest in education, but also ensure that it is effective, equitable, and relevant to the needs of our world,” Mr Olatosimi said.

According to him, education is a powerful tool for creating a more peaceful world because it reduces conflict and violence by promoting understanding and tolerance.

He explained that education also equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to solve problems and find peaceful solutions to conflict.