Don urges FG to raise the budget for education

Funsho Falade, an engineering professor at the University of Lagos, has pleaded with all tiers of government to boost funding for education.

During the opening lecture, “The Beginning and the End of a Project,” Falade emphasised the necessity of better infrastructure for all primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.

He bemoaned the inadequate attention given to education, claiming that this was the reason the country’s economy fell behind other nations’.

The professor, who has worked in academia since 1986, lamented the unfavourable working conditions in the field.

Falade begged the government to pay university professors in particular and to appropriately fund education in general.

He bemoaned the terrible situation that, after twenty years of service, a professor was paid less than $500 per month.

He advised professors to find goods or services that complement their areas of competence in order to boost their income from teaching.