Federal Ministry of Education Appoints New Acting Rector for Nasarawa Poly

Dr. Samuel James

After Dr. Abdullahi Alhassan’s term as Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa expired on Friday, the Federal Ministry of Education named a new Acting Rector for the institution.

This was revealed in a signed statement provided to journalists in the state’s Nasarawa local government area by Mrs. Safina Sabo, the institution’s acting director of information and publicity.

According to Mrs Sabo, Dr Samuel James, the former Deputy Rector (Academics) of the institution, was named the Federal Ministry of Education’s Acting Rector of the Polytechnic until a substantive Rector was chosen.

“This was contained in a letter dated 23rd January, 2024 signed by Dr Ejeh A.U Director, Polytechnic Education and Allied Institutions Department and transmitted to him by the Registrar of the Polytechnic in person of Dr Munir Ahmad,” she said.

She continued by saying that James, the most senior officer when the previous Rector’s five-year single tenure ended on December 31, 2023, had been appointed as the institution’s overseer by management on January 2, 2024, and had been until his current appointment by the Ministry of Education.

“Then Dr James was to oversee the affairs of the institution pending when the Federal Ministry of Education responds to the letter written by the institution on the expiration of Dr Alhassan’s tenure,” she added.

In response to the news, Dr. Samuel James, the new Acting Rector, expressed gratitude to God and the Federal Ministry of Education for the chance to lead the school and promised to collaborate closely with staff and management to accomplish significant objectives.

Nonetheless, he refuted recent media claims that the procedures for his prior overseer appointment had not been followed.

He clarified that only the Ministry of Education may name an Acting or Substantive Rector in the absence of a Governing Council, therefore the appointment was required to prevent a leadership void.

“Firstly the Ministry was informed about the expiration of the tenure of the previous Rector and the law in the amended Polytechnic Act 2019 states that he hands over to the most Senior Chief Lecturer or Officer. So due process was adhered to,” he said.

Also speaking, Dr Munir Ahmad, Registrar of the institution added that as at the time the tenure of the previous Rector expired, no official correspondence had been received from the office of the Minister of Education on whom should be appointed as Rector or Acting Rector.

“Only the Minister of Education in the absence of the Governing Council has the power to make such appointment. That was the reason why an overseer was appointed to oversee the affairs of the Polytechnic.

“So the recent media reports are malicious ways of presenting ill fated information.

“In some instances the previous Rector and my humble self were even accused that we connived to give the appointment of overseer to the present Acting Rector as cover up so that the previous Rector can go and seek for additional three to six months extension.

“This is totally untrue and I call on the leadership of the Nigerian Union of Journalists to regulate such unwholesome behavior,” he added.