8 Undergraduates Begin a 12-Week Mentoring Programme with VOA Charity

Values Of Affordable Education, a non-governmental organisation with a focus on STEM, has started a 12-week mentoring scheme with eight Nigerian academics and undergraduates, ranging from 100 to 400 from different Nigerian universities.

The Founder, Dr. Olabisi Adekoya, stated in a statement that the mentees are keen to become the best versions of themselves and that, as they mature, they are also preparing to be future mentors for the next group of students.

Dr. Olabisi clarified that a platform and area for peer-to-peer interactions were established by their Mentees Programme Coordinator, Mrs. Aanu Adekoya, an HR executive and bioinformatics specialist. She noted that many approaches to giving back to their local communities were deliberated.

Our mentees (aka. Mentors-in-Training, VOA MITs) are eager to develop into their best selves in life. As they grow, they are also training to be future mentors for the future cohorts.

“In December, while they were home for the Christmas holiday, our Mentees Program Coordinator Mrs. Aanu Adekoya (HR Executive and Bioinformatics Specialist) created a space and platform for peer-peer interactions.

“During that month, they got to know one another, got introduced to all our seasoned VOA Mentors, discussed various topics, their areas of development and expectations for the mentoring program.

“They even discussed various ways to give back to their communities where they are. They are learning that you don’t have to be a millionaire to give back to society, we start now and make it a way of life.” She said.

19-year-old Emmanuel encouraged coworkers to make every effort to give back to their community in every manner possible, including as mentees, according to the mentees’ testimony.

Nengi, 16, claimed to have learned the value of a succinct introduction and presentation using the who, when, where, why, and how approach.

17-year-old Nonso asserts that as long as you grow from your mistakes, it’s acceptable to make mistakes when attempting to figure out what you want to achieve with your life.

Daniel claimed he was able to convey his ideas in an easy-to-understand but accurate manner.

To Marvelous, do not allow people or circumstances around you to dictate what you will become in future.