Yabatech student sentenced to two years in training institute for smoking marijuana

A student from Yaba College of Technology has been sentenced to two years in a Borstal Training Institute by the Area Court at Centre-Igboro, Ilorin, for smoking marijuana.

Judge Hammad Ajumonbi declared in his ruling on Wednesday in Ilorin that Mr. Onikoyi ought to be transferred to the Borstal Training Institute, where he will spend a period of two years.

Mr Ajumonbi ordered that the offender be allowed to register for the UTME examination for 2024 to continue his studies in mass communication after his release.

Additionally, the court mandated that Mr. Onikoyi receive training for a career of his choosing while he stayed at the borstal.

The offender had previously disclosed to the court that he was a first-year mass communication student at Yaba College of Technology.

“My parents have good plans for me,” he remarked.

Mr Onikoyi admitted to the offence levelled against him by his parents, who were the complainants in the matter.

He claimed that loneliness was the main reason he smoked marijuana.

The federal government owns a correctional facility that houses the Borstal Training Institute, which is a division used to discipline adolescents.