US Consulate trains 25 girls in Edo schools on STEM

BENIN (Sundiata Post) – The U.S. Consulate says it is training 25 girls in underserved secondary schools in Edo on STEM initiative (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics).

reports that the training is called the GirlLEAD STEM Talent Accelerator Programme, and was inaugurated in Edo on Wednesday.

Addressing the female students at the Benin City Window on America, in Benin, the Consul-General, US Consulate in Lagos, Will Steven, said the programme was aimed at bridging the gender divide in STEM.

Stevens said: “We want to see more of female founders in the tech space as well as doing well in STEM.

“Technology is one of the drivers of the Nigerian economy, and it holds a lot of opportunities for job creation.

“The job opportunities are there but not to be filled only by boys,” he told the students.

According to him, the STEM programme prepares secondary school girls for possible scholarships in universities in the U.S. or for the students to continue in Nigeria universities or other universities in the world.

He also talked about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) conference to be organised in Lagos by the United States in collaboration with the Nigerian government.

He said the conference would encourage both countries to work together to talk about the framework as well as the safe environment for AI.

“We want to bring in AI training to the 27 American spaces across Nigeria,” he added.

Earlier, Dr Georgina Erifeta, Director, Benin City Window on America, said the U.S. space had contributed to making the tech ecosystem in Edo to emerge as a major player in Nigeria’s tech landscape.

“By equipping young people with digital skills, we empower them to innovate, solve problems, and drive economic growth, fostering a brighter future for our community and beyond.” (NAN)